Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Decided that I can afford myself a bit of reflection time on the start of the last "relationship" while I wait for the time to pass till my first floor meeting. Yes, I got it set up for later this afternoon.

OK, so I meet this girl one night at the club when all I actually wanted to do was go there, have a drink, perv the other chicks a bit and then go home. She walked past, all long legs encased in boots, tight jeans and a short top showing off her little pert boobs. I looked but did not show too much interest, cannot just start drooling, that's too easy.

She was shaking it on the dance floor with some little fem boy. Every so often she would cast an eye in my direction to see if I was taking notice. I was not as far as she could see, but from where I was standing the mirror reflected it all back to me.

It did not take long for her to sidle downstairs fetching a drink at the bar. On her way back up she leaned over and asked if I would like to dance. Nodded and then made her wait another few minutes before I put down my glass ever so slowly and joined her as I slid my had slowly over her naked back. We made eye contact and I let my hand slip back to my side.

We danced about two songs and then moved outside to get out of the smoked filled interior. Her car was parked right outside the front door and we got in. I leaned over and started kissing her, she kissed back. I pulled away, looked at her and then initiated the second round. Her mouth was warm and the fine hair in the back of her neck slightly damp from the dancing inside the hot club. I kept my eyes open while we kissed, hers was closed.

Not much talking had gone on, it was too loud inside with the music and at that stage no talking needed to place in the car either. Slipped my hand under her top and there was no resistance, cupped her boob and felt that if I carried on I would not be able to stop. Ended the kiss and said that I would phone her if she gave me her number.

She was caught off balance and fumbled for a business card. I got out with a casual goodbye and disappeared round the corner. Got to my car and drove home. All the while tasting her on my lips and I knew that it would only be the beginning.

Liquer in the front, poker in the back


Another one bites the dust. I have stopped counting, I think now I am going to stop trying as well. Relationships is what I mean. I was going to go through all the steps again, anger, tears, stuffing my face, not this time. She is not worth it, so good riddance.
I have made a resoluition, no wait, two I think.

ONE: No more relationships, only flirtations, one nights stands and general enjoyment of life to take place.

TWO: Create a blog to share how and if it works for me.

For any plan to come together one has to have missions. Complete one, have a debrief and then move to the next one. So my first mission is to entice the new marketing assistant that has just started on the first floor.

She dresses very nicely, always has the biggest smile and the boys are falling over their own feet to just speak to her. Of course she is aware of all this and is extremely polite and actually quite distant.

Google her name...

No way, she is actually a model. Save these to file called Marketing Mission 1 so I can refer back and smile. Already have some thoughts on how we can get this little interaction together.

Now going downstairs to discuss a possible collaboration on an event that their department is having in a few days time. Ok boys the starter gun just fired, let's see who gets to the finish line first.
Not to worry, will keep you all updated.
Liquor in the front, poker in the back